Veteran Medical Care in North Central Texas: Programs and Resources

The VA North Texas Health Care System (VANTHCS) is a progressive healthcare provider in the heart of Texas, providing comprehensive health services to veterans in the region. With 4,700 employees and 1,700 community volunteers, VANTHCS offers a wide range of health services, support, and centers for North Texas veterans. The VA North Texas Health Care System provides primary, tertiary and long-term care in many areas, such as medicine, surgery, mental health and rehabilitation. Veterans can access these services through the Dallas VA Medical Center, the Sam Rayburn Memorial Veterans Center, the Fort Worth Outpatient Clinic, the Tyler VA Primary Care Clinic, the Annex Clinic on Polk Street VA, and five Community Outpatient Clinics (CBOC).The U.

S. Centers for Medicaid Services also represent 26% of Medicaid Services for veterans in North Central Texas. This means that veterans can access additional resources and support through Medicaid to help cover medical costs. Veterans in North Central Texas have access to a wide range of medical care options through the VA North Texas Health Care System. With comprehensive services and support from both the VA and Medicaid, veterans can receive the care they need to stay healthy.

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