Accessing Quality Healthcare in Rural Areas of North Central Texas

Are you looking for quality healthcare services in rural areas of North Central Texas? Special Health Resources is proud to provide quality healthcare to 23 counties in East Texas and one county in Southwest Arkansas. We have convenient locations in Longview, Tyler, Paris, Jacksonville and Texarkana, TX and AR. In addition, we also have mobile clinics that serve rural areas in Northeast Texas and Southwest Arkansas. The Texas Health Huguley mobile health bus provides health services in southeastern Tarrant and Johnson counties. The UTHealth McGovern School of Medicine's McGovern School of Medicine's mobile health clinic has been serving the medical needs of children and adults in the lower Rio Grande Valley, along the Texas-Mexico border, since 1998. Texas Health Huguley Mobile Health Services participates in some of the most important health fairs in southern Tarrant and Johnson Counties. Whatever your healthcare needs, Special Health Resources has friendly doctors and medical providers nearby to take care of you.

The mission is to provide free medical consultations, basic health services and patient education to people who lack medical services. It has been reported that 646 rural hospitals across the country are in danger of closing, 293 of them in immediate danger; nearly half of rural hospitals in the Midwest are in financial danger. In the nine years since then, the pharmacy has incorporated new and better services, such as compound pharmacy and specialty pharmacy, created new jobs in the pharmaceutical sector and increased its revenues to help support the sustainability of the health system, all in the same tiny space in the hospital lobby. Promising practices for increasing access to transportation in rural communities highlight the main findings included in this toolkit. At Special Health Resources, we understand that accessing quality healthcare can be a challenge for those living in rural areas. That's why we are committed to providing quality healthcare services to those living in rural areas of North Central Texas.

Our mobile clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and staffed with experienced medical professionals who are dedicated to providing quality care. If you live in a rural area of North Central Texas and are looking for quality healthcare services, look no further than Special Health Resources. Our mobile clinics are here to serve you and provide you with the care you need.

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